Our Ministries

Here are some of the exciting ways we are serving God and others in our church family and in the greater Stephenville area.

Stephenville Ministry Alliance

We proudly participate in the Stephenville ministerial alliance. By seeking unity through the diversity of Christian voices, we work to build God’s kingdom in Stephenville. We cooperate with many other churches in the city to organize community worship services, service projects, and prayer events.

Youth Ministry

Our student ministry seeks to equip and empower students to be full, active contributors to the life of the faith community. We believe that students offer a unique and necessary perspective to our church, and that students, through their voice and presence, can teach, lead, and enrich our communal life. We encourage the students to grow and develop their faith alongside all other members of our community as equal co-siblings in the family of God.

Benevolence and Community Outreach

In cooperation with the other churches in our community, we direct our benevolence funds through Grace Place Ministries. Through our coordinated efforts we may better serve those less fortunate in our community.

Along with our benevolence work, we support the work of the Choice’s Clinic and Life Resource Center and the Sherwood and Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children, and we participate in the Texans for Christ meal outreach to TSU.  To learn more about these great ministries, click on the icons below.

Children’s Ministry and VBS

Our Children’s ministry seeks to immerse the youngest members of our community into the story of God and his people. Our driving goal is to introduce them to the love of God through Jesus. We have classes and activities for children of all ages. We host a yearly Vacation Bible School that seeks to introduce the children of our community to the love of Jesus Christ.